Thursday, February 27, 2014


Good Morning, Foodies,

Today, we continue our week-long venture into healthier eating.  Today’s focus: Low Sodium meals.

What’s a four letter word beginning with “S” for many of us?   S A L T!

Count me among the millions of us on this planet who need to watch the amount of sodium we ingest over the course of each day.  I would also suggest even if you don’t currently have to watch your salt intake now, you likely will at some stage of your life.

Too much sodium is a direct contributor to high blood pressure, which can lead to stroke and heart disease. Even if you’re perfectly healthy, it makes sense to take precautions now by eating right and hopefully avoid those kind of issues later in life.

Sodium is seemingly in everything!

Some foods are obvious culprits.  “Fast food” and most processed foods are loaded with it.  Many canned foods with preservatives are full of sodium.  But did you know that other foods, many we’ve been told are “healthy” can also be full of sodium and would be what I would call “wasted milligrams” for those of use who watch how much we take in each day.  Foods like bran cereal and breads can be loaded with sodium.

Many people think a low salt diet means a no taste diet.  Not true!

I have provided 5 VERY tasty examples… meals that are both simple to make and VERY low in sodium, in my blog today.  Check them out.  Better yet, try them out for dinner for you and your family.  I’ll bet you’ll get rave reviews tonight at the dinner table.

Check out these and more than 80 other recipes found on my blog page and start eating healthier WITHOUT giving up flavor or satisfaction.

That’s it for today.  I hope you enjoy these great new recipe additions!

Bon Appetit!