Good Morning, Foodies,

This week’s topic is dedicated to eating healthier.  I’ve written about it in this space and all recipes posted this week will be of the healthier variety….low carbohydrate, vegetarian, gluten-free, and so on.

When it comes to healthy eating and weight loss, I can’t stand it when someone “lectures” me about it.  Maybe you’re like me in that regard.

It’s not always a case of not knowing what to eat.  Usually it involves mustering the desire or motivation to get out of the “comfortable rut” we find ourselves in, to do what it takes.  Or maybe it is a lack of knowledge or a misunderstanding of what is “good” for us and what isn’t.

It’s a vicious world out there when it comes to the advertising of food products that portray an item as “healthy” only to discover it’s the last thing we ought to be eating! Or maybe, if you’re like me, there have been times when I’ve thought “I’ll just stop eating or skip a few meals” to lose weight.  

While not consuming calories, on the surface, may seem like a logical step to losing weight, starvation has the opposite desired effect as fat is stored instead of burned.

Enter this week’s theme.

I’m not preaching at anyone.  I’m a card-carrying member of the obese crowd and struggling to take off those pesky extra pounds.  Maybe we are alike in that regard.

The intent of this blog is to take a “team approach” to this.  We’re in the same boat together and maybe together – as opposed to going it alone – we can accomplish our goal… better health, leaner bodies and a more productive and enjoyable life.

Ultimately, isn’t that what all of us desire?

To that end, I discovered an excellent article that speaks of BALANCE in ones diet. Not just a list of don’ts but also a list of “DO’s.  I want to share that with you this morning.


I hope these tips, the recipes I post and this blog speaks to balance in our diets versus a a crash diet or the latest fad diet to come along.

It is my hope this blog offers help for people (it helps me to write about it) in the form of encouragement and healthy recipes that will actually help one lose weight and get healthier.  Let’s do this together!