Hello Foodie Friends,

This week’s focus is on healthy eating.  All recipes added to this blog this week will be of the healthy variety, either with ingredients that are gluten free and low (or no) carbohydrates (check out categories “Lighter Fare” and “Gluten Free” out to the side).

If you’re like me, when I would hear the term “healthy eating”, my mind used to immediately conger up images of drab, boring, tasteless food that was totally uninteresting, unappealing and unappetizing.  Nothing could be further from the truth!


Just so you know, I am not posting these recipes with the intent of “pushing” some kind of special fad diet.  These recipes do focus on foods that are lower in carbohydrates or are gluten free.  Foods that don’t process into sugar… one of the main causes of weight gain in our diets.

The other key area of healthy eating and weight loss is portion control.  In addition to eating foods that don’t help us from a healthy or weight perspective, we eat way too much of it in the form of excess portions.  To that end, I will do my best to provide portion size information in these healthy eating recipes as well.

As I need to drop some excess “baggage” myself, I intend to follow this regimen personally.  For those of you who could do with a “little less of you” too, maybe this is a voyage we can take together.

I hope you will check these recipes out this week and give them a try.  I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.